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Particle-Particle Sintering

3D lattice kinetic Monte Carlo simulation

  • conserved-order-parameter Ising model with nearest neighbor (NN) interaction JNN

  • f.c.c. lattice (12NNs; JNN/kTcrit. = 0.40837)

  • here: JNN/kT = 1.5 (for all particles; no evaporation into the gas phase)

  • color key (left, center): coordination number from red (monomers) to purple (12NNs)

  • color key (right): initial affiliation

  • number of atoms: 56471 (particle left) + 56470 (particle right)

  • initial particle radius = 30 a

  • f.c.c. metals: Cu (a=0.1801nm), Au (a=0.2039nm), Ag (a=0.2043nm)

  • two <001>-directions are parallel to the edges of the screen; one is perpendicular to the screen

  • time is measured in Monte Carlo steps (MCS)

  • further information on sintering at Wikipedia.

  • Copyright: Lars Röntzsch, Dresden, GERMANY.